Steps to Lodging a Claim

Incolink members may be eligible to lodge an insurance claim under Incolink's Accident and Illness Benefits Program.*

Step 1. Request Claim Form

If you believe you have suffered an injury or illness that results in an insurance claim, 
contact Incolink (03)9639-3000 or Total Claims Solutions (03)9663-2411.
Alternatively, download the appropriate insurance claim form:
Incolink Claim Forms 

Step 2. Fill in Claim Form

Complete all sections of the Incolink Insurance claim form in FULL. To support your claim, please include copies of medical report/s, discharge summary, patient notes, radiologist's reports and any other relevant information.

Step 3. Lodge your Claim

Send claim form to:

Total Claims Solutions
Level 1, 151 Rathdowne Street

Double-check ALL sections of the claim form have been completed correctly before
sending. Incomplete claim forms will delay the assessment of the claim.

4. Claim Received

Your claim will be assigned to a Total Claims Solutions case manager who will contact you to discuss your claim.

 *Terms, conditions and exlusions apply.

Total Claims Solutions Pty Ltd ABN 42 389 515 023 is acting as Claims Manager on behalf of QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited ABN 780 0319 1035. 

PLEASE NOTE: Insurance cover is only available for those workers where the employer continues to pay the relevant contributions. If a period exists where no contribution has been paid on a workers behalf while employed, then no cover will apply for that period.  This also applies where there are gaps in the insurance payments.

Total Claims Solutions
Level 1, 151 Rathdowne Street
Telephone: (03) 9663 2411

Dedicated claims team looking after Incolink members