All forms for Worker members can be downloaded here, including claim forms, membership forms, apprentice forms and more. Simply click the relevant form to download, print out, fill in and then send or fax back to Incolink.

Initial Claim Form

You can apply for the Initial Benefit when you first become unemployed.

Download - File size: 249KB

Balance of Funds Claim Form

You can apply to withdraw the balance of money left in your account 4 weeks after your initial benefit has been paid.

Download - File size: 129KB

Additional Payment Claim Form

This form is to be used when you have recently made a claim to Incolink and there have been additional contributions made to Incolink after the claim has been paid.

Download - File size: 599KB

Registration for Free Employment Service Form

Employment Registration Form is to provide relevant information to any prospective employer seeking a worker for which your qualifications, skills and experience seem suited.

Download - File size: 130KB

Beneficiary Notification Form

This form is to be used when nominating or changing nominated beneficiaries of your Incolink funds.

Download - File size: 78KB

Apprentice Credits Application Form

This form is to be completed by the employer where the apprentice training agreement is cancelled/terminated or where the employment of a worker being a former apprentice.

Download - File size: 82KB

Invalidity Claim Form

Please contact Incolink via email or phone 1800 337 789 to discuss the best options for your scenario and to make a claim.  To claim the invalidity payment the claimant must have retired from the workforce due to invalidity prior to the claimant’s retirement age.

Download - File size: 91KB

Incolink Request to Transfer

This form is used if you wish to transfer the balance of your Incolink account balance to a reciprocating fund.

Download - File size: 78KB

Worker Statutory Declaration Form

Download a Victorian Statutory Declaration Form.

Download - File size: 514KB

Third Party Authority Form

You can use this form to authorise a third party, such as a family member or legal representative, to speak to Incolink about your account.

Download - File size: 527KB

Genuine Redundancy Forms

Worker Rebate Forms