Incolink Job Support team provides a range of services to develop members’ careers. They also assist employer members looking for workers.

The team offers:

  • A free JobSearch service – employers can list a job for free online using EmployerLink and are matched with a list of potential workers
  • Workers can register with JobSearch online using WorkerLink and have their qualifications and skills matched with available roles in the industry
  • Information and advice on training for individuals
  • Careers counselling and free resume service for workers
  • Assistance for out-of-trade apprentices

Help for Out-of-Trade Apprentices

Incolink assists out-of-trade apprentices find employment, by registering their availability on an Apprentice Register. Referrals are then made to interested employers as work opportunities arise, enabling the apprentices to gain the experience they need to complete their certificates.

Incolink Job Support: (03) 9668 3061 or