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Free Tax Returns For Incolink Members With Airtax.


Filing taxes can be stressful. We'd like to give you some piece of mind and confidence when managing your taxes this year. That's why we've joined forces with Airtax, a leading tax lodgement service offered by PwC Australia.

Airtax simplifies tax time, guiding you through completing your tax return. Airtax then seamlessly lodges your tax return.


This introductory offer is available to select Incolink Members. You have been specially chosen to access to this service. Sign up and use Incolink99 discount code at checkout to reduce the cost of your Airtax bill by $99 - making the self-service tax return FREE.

As an Incolink member using Airtax, you can enjoy –

Airtax also has additional service levels available to give you peace of mind. If you feel you need additional help, the platform will prompt you to an optional assisted tax-return service. You'll still save the value of the Basic Tax return and pay the difference at a discounted rate. We’ve made sure these are the lowest rates we can negotiate for members.

This is a limited time offer for a select group of Incolink members. After your lodgement, you would be asked to complete a short survey to help us gather feedback on this service’s usefulness to our members.

Use Incolink99 discount code to reduce the cost of your Airtax bill by $99 - making the self-service tax return FREE.

Educational Videos

Know about Your Key Sources of Income.

Deductions & What to Consider When Completing Your Income Tax Return.

Helpful Hints on Being Tax Complaint.

Income, Allowances & Deductions to Consider as an Incolink Member.

Lodge Your Returns through Airtax with Confidence & Peace of Mind.