Work Injury Hotline 

1800 238 026 Hotline: Work Injury Management Advisory Service

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Total Claims Solutions and Incolink are pleased offer a Work Injury Management Advisory Service, specifically for Incolink employer members and their injured workers. The service is staffed by qualified Injury Management Coordinators who provide information, support and guidance regarding all aspects of workers’ compensation.

Total Claims Solutions provide a smooth flowing work injury management process which protects both the injured worker’s and the employer’s best interests. By effectively managing your injured worker’s requirements, you have more control over the impact of claims costs on your WorkCover premiums and your business.

The hotline advisory service offers advice and information to both employers and their injured workers on areas including:

  • Reporting incidents/injuries and how to lodge a claim.
  • What to expect after a claim has been lodged.
  • Rehabilitation & Return to Work obligations.
  • Return to Work plans.
  • Rights and entitlements.
  • WorkSafe Agents processes and legislative requirements.
  • WorkCover premiums.

Call 1800 238 026, free-of-charge for the first 20 minutes.*

You can access the advisory service free-of-charge for the first 20 minutes of any case, Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 4.30pm.

*Fees apply after 20 minutes if further assistance is required. Employers have two payment options to choose from – a fixed fee or an hourly fee. For injured workers in need of ongoing support, the Injury Management Coordinator is able to make referrals as appropriate. For more information, call the hotline and speak with an Injury Management Coordinator.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Total Claims Solutions respects the confidentiality and right to privacy of callers. We take steps to protect any personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Callers can also remain anonymous