Health & Safety on Wheels

Posted on Jul 27, 2019

Article by John Setka - Secretary, CFMEU

Working in the construction industry is about as dangerous and tough on your body as it gets. Many in the industry have spent time recovering from workplace injuries, and some of us never get back on site at all.

The union does everything it can to look after members’ health — and workplace accidents aren’t the only threat we are dealing with. We all face health issues, but with all the overtime workers in this industry do, we often don’t get the chance to have a regular check-up.

This is why we are getting on board with the Incolink Bus, a brand-new initiative that will tour building sites to give workers physical health checks. The bus has two consulting rooms and is staffed by experienced GPs who can do everything from check the health of your prostate to the condition of your skin, as well as give tests for blood pressure and diabetes.

Despite change over recent years, construction remains a very male-dominated industry. We know most blokes aren’t the best at going to see their doctors, but even if you have never been hurt on the job, being male doesn’t make you invincible.

The union is encouraging all members to make the most of this exciting project. It’s a proactive approach to keeping members safe and we know it will save lives.

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