Incolink is the industry redundancy fund that offers a financial and personal safety net for workers. Incolink also invests in the future of the industry by supporting your apprentices.

Recently at World Plumbing Day the industry apprentices competed for recognition and prizes in the Apprentice Skills Contest at PICAC in Brunswick.  Incolink is proud to support the apprentices in this event and the Incolink Wellbeing & Support team is also there for them if they are struggling with the transition from school to work.

The Apprentice Support Workers deliver sessions to apprentices in TAFE that cover the many challenges that young workers experience: handling money, handling themselves on site, being around drugs and alcohol and maintaining their physical and mental health and wellbeing.  Equipping apprentices with skills in each of these areas means enables them to be work ready and can stay safe on site.  For more information regarding this program contact our Apprentice Support Workers on 03 9668 3061 or 0419 568 605.