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Posted on Jul 27, 2019

Going to the doctor, even when you are sick, is something many of us just don’t do enough. Why see a GP if you feel fine?In industries like ours, where the days are long and the work is hard, it’s understandable that the last thing we want to do on our day off is visit a GP.

However, we know that prevention is often better than cure, and having a regular check-up can be the difference between a health issue being caught early and treated, or it becoming a serious illness.

Why get an Incolink Health Check?

Incolink Health Checks have been running successfully for nearly 5 years helping workers get checked…

  • Before high blood pressure or high cholesterol can contribute to the development of a heart problem
  • Before they develop diabetes
  • Before their weight becomes a health issue
  • Before a mole or lesion on their skin becomes dangerous

Enhanced services on the new Incolink GP Bus

In response to industry demand, Incolink now brings this essential service to worksites on the Incolink Bus.Staffed by up to two doctors and a nurse, the Incolink Bus will move around Victoria bringing enhanced Health services to commercial building and construction workers.In addition to the preventative checks previously offered, Incolink has partnered with the world class Australian Prostate Centre which now enables a prostate check for at risk workers.

Prostate cancer in Australia

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to affect Australian men. According to the Australian Prostate Centre (APC), every day 55 men are diagnosed with the illness —over 20,000 each year.

Alarmingly, men in regional areas who develop prostate cancer are 30 per cent more likely to die from the disease than those in our cities. One reason for this is that people in rural areas tend to live further from medical services which can mean they delay visits to the doctor.

In 2016, over 3,200 men died from prostate cancer in Australia (Cancer Council, 2019). When caught early however, the survival rate is over 95 per cent after five years.

“The new partnership with Incolink is a great fit for both organisations. “Our vision is that no man should die from prostate cancer. Workingwith Incolink will help us reach men who may be at risk and who otherwise would not have known. The Incolink Bus will improve health across the construction industry.” - Mark Harrison, CEO Australian Prostate Centre

Launched on 27 June, the Incolink Bus will travel to construction sites across Victoria and Tasmania carrying out prostate, skin cancer and general physical health checks.

Incolink Chief Executive Dan O’Brien has been a strong advocate of the Health Checks program since its inception in 2015. He says the program has made a big difference to the industry, and particularly for men, by instilling the importance of regular check-ups. The new Incolink Bus will enable Incolink to spread this message further afield.

“By partnering with the Australian Prostate Centre to bring GPs to worksites, Incolink is removing one of the biggest barriers to good health for construction workers — getting them to visit a doctor.” - Dan O’Brien, Chief Executive, Incolink

Fully equipped and on the move

The Incolink Bus features a new line-up of services that will broaden Incolink’s industry-leading Health Checks program. The bus is fitted with two fully-equipped consulting rooms and a waiting room, enabling medical staff to conduct health checks in sterile conditions that provide privacy for workers with minimal intrusion to site activities.

The program offers big benefits to the industry. For workers, it brings the doctor to them and helps them stay on top of their health. For employers, it promotes a safer workplace and a more available workforce.

To date Incolink has delivered health checks to over 12,000 workers at Victorian and Tasmanian construction sites. Incolink plans to use the new bus to deliver 4,000 health checks to workers in its first 12 months of operation.

Visit to learn more.

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