EmployerLink makes it easier to manage your workers by ensuring accurate monthly returns are calculated.

Who is an Eligible Worker?
Eligible workers are those who are currently working on a commercial building or construction site in Victoria, where an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) applies.

Construction work includes maintenance in accordance with the definition contained in the relevant awards.

Registering Workers

To register workers with Incolink, log into EmployerLink and click on Manage Workers menu option.

When registering new workers you will need to supply the following details:

  • Full name
  • Current residential address
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile phone
  • Incolink number - if previously registered with Incolink
  • Commencement date
  • Trade / job title
  • Email address
  • Employment type e.g. permanent / casual 

Adding Workers

To add a worker to your Incolink account, log into your EmployerLink account, click on Manage Workers then New Worker. Enter the worker's Incolink Member number, date of birth and surname then click Search.

If a worker is not already registered as an Incolink worker member, upon receiving your list of names we will then register the worker. We will issue them an Incolink Member Number, and post their Membership Card to their home address.

When the worker receives their card it is important that they activate it by going online to www.incolink.org.au On the home page select Activate Card and confirm the personal details. By activating their card, the worker will be issued with a login and password to access their Incolink account online using WorkerLink.

Terminating Workers

To terminate workers on Incolink’s system, log into your EmployerLink account and click Manage Workers.

A list of workers registered as working for you will appear including the workers Incolink Member Number, full name, address, employment type and start date with company.

Click on the Incolink Member Number of the worker you would like to terminate and then click Terminate worker. You are then required to provide: 

  • Workers end date or termination date
  • A termination reason and from the drop down box. e.g. genuine redundancy.
  • Unused sick leave days - this only applies of you contribute PSL for your worker.

 Change Workers Employment Details

To change a workers employment details, log into your EmployerLink and click Manage Workers. 

Click on the Member Number of the worker then click on Change Employment Details; please be aware that changes to a worker’s employment type will update all invoices which have not been finalised. 

From here you can change the employment type, start date, trade of work and if the worker goes on WorkerCover you can provide the WorkCover start date. Once completed click Save.