Employers are required to confirm the workers termination by completion of Termination of Worker section in EmployerLink.

Workers can apply to claim an Initial Benefit, when they become unemployed, by completing the Initial Claim Form in Workerlink or in paper format which can be forwarded to Incolink via fax, mail, email or delivering it to Incolink’s office.

Claiming the Balance of Funds

If a worker is still unemployed 4 weeks after receiving their Initial Claim, they are eligible to claim the Balance of Funds from their account. The Balance of Funds Claim form can be downloaded from this website.

To make a claim on the remaining Balance of Funds workers need to complete and submit the Benefits Claim Form.

If the statutory declaration is completed, this claim form cannot be faxed or emailed and the original document must be posted or brought into the Incolink office.

Workers holding an Incolink Genuine Redundancy Account (GRA) will be able to claim a genuine redundancy payment if their employment is terminated because their position is no longer needed. A workers’ entire balance will be paid when a claim is made.

When an employer terminates an apprentice details regarding the end of the apprenticeship, such as if the apprentice completed their apprenticeship, must be provided.

If an apprentice is made redundant due to lack of work, they may be eligible to make a claim. Under the Incolink Trust Deeds, an apprentice can claim their apprenticeship days as redundancy in the following situations if they become unemployed:

  • An apprentice completes their apprenticeship, and then completes 52 weeks within the commercial building industry, and their employer/s has paid 52 weeks’ redundancy contributions into Incolink during the period. 
  • An apprentice who has not yet finished their apprenticeship is laid off due to a shortage of work, and there is no arrangement with their employer to re-employ them. 
  • An apprentice completes their apprenticeship, and is then laid off due to shortage of work within the next 52 weeks, and there is no arrangement with the employer to re-employ them.

On termination of employment of a worker Employers are required to specify the end date of the employment and the reason of the termination. If your company is paying PSL for the worker, you will be prompted to specify the number of sick days taken during the worker’s employment with you. This is required under the terms of the Portable Sick Leave Trust Deed and is necessary for calculating the worker’s PSL entitlements. You must supply this information if you are paying PSL for the worker or you will be unable to finalise the request.

PLEASE NOTE: Submitting sick days taken will not be required for casual workers as they are not required to receive PSL.