A critical incident is any event which has the potential to overwhelm the usual effective coping skills of a group of people,

Examples of Critical Incidents include:

  • "Near misses on site"
  • Injuries on site
  • Suicde of fellow worker or friend
  • Workplace fatalities

Given that every incident is unique Incolink will adapt its response to meet your needs. 

This could include: 

  • Providing a presence on site
  • Large or small group debrief
  • Individual support

Incolink has established a set of Critical Incident Response Guidelines working with site managers and union officials to provide debriefing and/or counselling sessions to groups or individual workers post an incident. 

At the scene

  • Stay calm, take control, be directive, delegate where possible
  • Secure safety at the scene of the incident for yourself and others
  • Administer first aid to casualties
  • Call emergency services
  • Advise key people on-site and off-site
  • Call Incolink to discuss response options  1300 000 129

Post Incident

  • Report to work group detailing the event and the welfare of those affected
  • Monitor on site stress levels and recovery of work group
  • Liaise with Incolink to arrange post-incident follow up
  • Include yourself in accessing support
  • Play the linking role - speak to Incolink to discuss support options.