Incolink Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing Training

Incolink has long recognised the importance of providing a program which is designed specifically for the construction industry. We provide education, information, support and counselling programs that create the opportunity for all industry parties to enjoy optimum health and safety.

Our training is built on 25 years experience of prevention and intervention in the industry. It combines our knowledge of the industry, internal and external research and evidence based practice.

The Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing Training has been developed to be delivered both on construction sites and at office-based workplaces. 

Incolink General Awareness Sessions (GAS)

General Awareness Sessions (GAS) cover 3 key topics, are flexible in delivery length and can be presented to small or large groups.

The three topics are:

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Suicide Awareness
  • Alcohol & Other Drugs

They can be adjusted to fit the needs of any workplace or group.

  • A 20-40 minute ‘tool box’ session can be delivered to large groups of workers on site.
  • A 60-90 minute session that has more detail and is best suited to smaller groups that are seated indoors. This may involve a number of sessions being delivered over the course of a day to reach all workers on site. These sessions provide a deeper level of understanding and knowledge for participants.

To organise GAS training at your workplace call Incolink on (03) 9668 3061 


Incolink Mind Yourself — Building Mental Health Awareness

Mind Yourself builds on GAS training to include a deeper understanding of how these important issues interface with workplace safety and wellbeing.

The course will assist employers, employees and their representatives, to identify and respond to mental health issues.