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Financial Counselling

Incolink's Financial Counselling service provides advocacy and options for workers who are facing financial hardship

Incolink's Financial Counselling Service

If you find yourself in financial hardship and can't pay your bills, our team can help you.

Has your income reduced due to injury or illness, or being in-between projects? Our Financial Counsellors can provide you with free, independent and confidential Financial Counselling and Debt Crisis Support.

Incolink’s Financial Counsellors understand the construction industry and the financial issues faced by construction workers and their families.

Our team assists members who are in debt or are not able to meet their ongoing expenses. These services are offered to Incolink members and their families online or over the phone.

We help to provide you with support in managing your finances and budget, including making savings goals and planning out your expenses.

How we can help

Incolink’s Financial Counsellors are on your side and can support you with providing options on your financial situation.

Our Financial Counselling team can help you with:

  • Unmanageable Debt
  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Fines
  • Utilities and Services
  • Budgeting Service
  • Legal Referral Options
  • Mortgage and Rental Debt
  • Financial Planning Referral
  • Centrelink
  • Incolink Insurance Benefits
  • Incolink Redundancy

Know someone who might be at risk of Financial Hardship? Visit our Financial Hardship page to learn more about spotting the signs that someone may be struggling.

Contact our Financial Counsellors by calling 03 9668 3074.