Incolink Assist

An employee assistance program constructed for your workplace by experts in our industry.

Incolink has supported the wellbeing of construction workers for over 30 years.

Now, we're proud to offer Incolink Assist, a tailored Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to construction businesses provides support to all your staff when in need.

  • Pay only for the services you and your staff need
  • Phone/Skype Counselling
  • Critical Incident Management and/or training
  • Choose how many sessions your staff will be eligible to access

As well as the EAP Services, Incolink Assist provides you with:

  • Dedicated 1300 number for your employees
  • Your own personalised web landing page tailored with your corporate information
  • Regular updates and resources on health and wellbeing support and industry trends
  • Monthly billing

The construction industry is a high-pressure environment. Give your employees access to a proven service designed for them and for your business.

Incolink Assist is the employee assistance program designed and built for Australia’s construction industry. Our Employee Assistance program helps you help your staff.

There are three offerings. You can choose one, two or all three.

  1. Phone or Skype counselling sessions with a trained counsellor. Face to face sessions re available at Incolink’s Carlton (Victoria) office. Visits to your office can be arranged at extra cost.
  2. Critical incident response service - a trained counsellor to come to your office immediately after a critical incident to speak with staff and allow them to debrief.
  3. Mental health awareness training - sessions designed to increase your people's ability to recognise risks to their mental health. They can cover a range of topics from anxiety to stress to addiction. These are conducted on your premises.

Incolink will create a personalised corporate landing page, with your branding, for staff to access information about the service. You’ll also be provided with your company’s own 1300 number to allow workers to access phone or skype counselling service.

It can form a key part of your work to promote a mentally healthy workplace so that people can realise their potential while coping with the ordinary challenges of life.

You can choose how many sessions your staff will be eligible to access under this service.

Mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces $10.9 billion each year – more than any physical injury. One in five Australians will experience a poor mental health episode in any one year.

The stress can be sudden, or build over time, and impact the employee’s wellbeing and performance.

The construction industry is a high-pressure environment and providing access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that understands the industry, whilst offering a wide range of specialist counselling services can contribute to them being an employer of choice. This in turn increases employee satisfaction and retention.

Early intervention and easy access to treatment can reduce the duration of a mental health episode and enable an employee to participate more fully in the workplace.

Give your employees access to a proven service designed for them and for your business.

Phone/Skype Counselling support OR Face to face at Incolink Office - $150 per session (additional charges apply for counselling on employer premises)

Critical Incident Support - $450 per hour (1 counsellor) at your offices.

Mental health awareness training - $3,000 full day training at employer office

One of the advantages of Incolink Assist is that you pay for the services you use. There’s no minimum spends per month. Each month you’ll receive an invoice for the previous month’s number of sessions.

Incolink respects the confidentiality of its service but realises employers require meaningful reporting to enable them to track their spend and the value their employees are receiving.

Having your own landing page and 1300 number means we can track calls and site visits in and we’ll report against these. Your invoice also indicates how many sessions have been used by your staff.

A quarterly newsletter will be provided that provides meaningful reporting indicating the trends we’re seeing across the service (demographic date, types of issues- be they workplace, personal relationship issues, financial).