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Incolink is the safety net for the building and construction industry. We're here to contribute to productivity; help you strengthen your business; and proactively address industry issues.

Benefits of being an Incolink member

Cost savings - Incolink takes care of your redundancy compliance obligations creating long term savings. Your workforce is taken care of when the job is done, avoiding a large payout at the end of projects.

Become an employer of choice - Construction workers know that being employed by an Incolink employer means;

  • their redundancy entitlements are safe,
  • accident and illness insurances are there for them,
  • access to counselling and other health and wellbeing programs.

Industry Training - Like you, Incolink is committed to a safe, skilled and productive workforce. As the largest funder of industry training outside Government we partner with industry groups to fund the skills based training that businesses need.

Online services - We make it easy to manage your workforce, invoices and notifications with our online portal EmployerLink.

Applying for Membership

To apply as an Employer Member please complete the online Employer Registration Form.

It will take two to five working days for your application to be processed.

Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email including your member number, temporary password and further information about Incolink Membership.

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As part of the application process, Employers will need to supply an Industrial Instrument including Incolink – this could be an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) or an Enterprise Agreement (EA) that stipulates contributions to Incolink; or a relevant Award that has provisions to contribute to an industry-specific Redundancy Scheme.

Manage your Account Online

EmployerLink is your online portal to manage:

  • Company information
  • Company representatives (EmployerLink users)
  • Invoices and payments
  • Your employees' contact details
  • The employment status of your employees
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To get started, login to your EmployerLink account or visit our Help Centre for more information about using EmployerLink

Managing your Workforce

Under the terms of membership, contributions must be paid to all eligible workers. Eligible workers are those who are currently working on a commercial building or construction site in Victoria, South Australia, or Tasmania where an Industrial Instrument applies.

Using EmployerLink makes it easier to manage your workers by ensuring accurate monthly contributions are calculated.

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For information about adding, editing and altering the employment status of workers, visit our Help Centre


Incolink Employer Members will receive an invoice each month via email notification. The invoice is based on:

  1. the number of workers listed and
  2. the number of weeks in that month.

You can edit your workforce and the number of weeks they have worked using EmployerLink online and changes will be applied to the monthly invoice. Once you have edited and finalised the invoice you can pay your account on time and avoid late fees.

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For more information about Payments including Stamp Duty break downs, visit our Help Centre

Worker Claims

To allow your workers to claim their redundancy benefit employers are required to confirm the workers’ termination by completion of Termination of Worker section in EmployerLink.

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For information on how to edit a workers' employment status, visit our Help Centre

Incolink Assist

Incolink Assist is our employee assistance program constructed for your workplace by experts in our industry.

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Find out how you can create a mentally healthy workplace with Incolink Assist here.