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Delcon Group Employee Assistance Program

Incolink Assist is the proud employee assistance program partner for Delcon Group

All Delcon Group staff, and immediate family over 18 years old, are eligible to access confidential counselling services provided by Incolink Assist. This is available by phone or skype.

Delcon Group cares for the health and safety of its employees. One in five Australians will experience a poor mental health episode in any one year. Having a conversation when you're worried or stressed is the best way to get back to being your best.

This service is available for all staff. Call 1300 418 863 to speak with a member of our support team.

An Employee Assistance Program provides eligible employees with confidential counselling and support paid for by their employer.

You can discuss any matter you wish with our counsellors. Some of the issues people commonly discuss with Incolink counsellors include:

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Alcohol, drug or gambling related harm
  • Workplace changes or stress
  • Financial stress

Yes. Whilst your employer will be billed for any sessions accessed by staff, they will not receive identifying details of the names of staff or the issues raised by any individual staff member.

To access this confidential service please call 1300 418 863.