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Incolink Construction Industry Snapshot for July 2022 - Now available

Posted on July 22, 2022

Construction Industry Snapshot - July 2022

As an industry we are facing a multitude of challenges including some difficult economic conditions expected this quarter.

In the July Industry Snapshot, you will see economic profiles, projections and apprentice figures. We hope you find these insights valuable in planning and decision making as we navigate the changes facing the industry.

As your safety net, Incolink will continue to support our workers as we prepare to weather any challenges ahead.

In this edition you can expect to find:

  • Construction industry activity: 2,163 projects in Victoria over the last 90 days worth an estimated $43.52 Billion
  • Industry confidence: Property industry confidence has rebounded strongly, from 115 points to 132 on the index (Neutral Confidence = 100).
  • Employment: 6.3% of the Victorian workforce are employed in the building and construction sector.
  • Apprentices and trainees: There was an increase in the number of construction trades apprenticeships commenced in the year ending June 30, 2022 compared to the previous year - in Victoria (78,420 compared to 76,620).
  • Building activity: There was a 7.8% increase in dwelling approvals for December (seasonally adjusted), after a 4.6% fall in November.

Download the full report below.

The previous iterations of the Industry Snapshot are available here.


If you have any questions about the report or would like a hard copy, please contact Incolink on

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