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UV SunSmart toolboxes reach over 1,600 workers

Posted on Apr 13, 2023

After a successful launch in February and March, we have wrapped up the first round of our UV SunSmart toolboxes in partnership with the Cancer Council Australia.

Over the last two months we delivered 15 UV SunSmart toolboxes to over 1,600 workers on sites throughout Victoria.

The 20-minute session was led by UV SunSmart Educator Mark who talked about the difference between UV rays and sunburn, and how to stay SunSmart whilst working outdoors.

Over 450 workers put their hands up to have their face viewed with the Skin Damage Viewer machine to see their skin damage levels from their exposure to UV Rays.

What workers learned

Some key takeaways from the toolboxes were:

  • UV can still be high on cloudy days making sun protection essential all year round
  • Sunscreen is your last line of defence, staying covered is your best bet
  • Keep your sunscreen in a cool dark place, if it is stored where the temperature reaches over 30c it will not work effectively
  • How to do your own monthly skin checks in-between yearly specialist visits
  • If you notice any changes in your skin go and see your doctor

At the end of the session workers stayed behind to talk about their own experiences with skin cancer and what they learned from the toolbox.

Incolink would like to thank the employers and workers for having us on-site to deliver this important program to industry.

Register your interest

The Incolink UV SunSmart toolboxes will start again towards the end of 2023. If you would like us to come to your site, you can find out more here.

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