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Sponsorships & Donations

Thanks for accepting the invitation to apply for us to support your project that aligns with our work to build a sustainable industry. The online process allows you to save and review progress before submission.

Guidelines for Applicants

All applications are for 12 months of funding commencing 1 July 2024 and expiring 30 June 2025. 

Applications should include the following: 

1. Funding amount requested with details on the allocation of funds and a detailed description of the program or event. 

2. Marketing, communications, and promotion opportunities for Incolink. Incolink are particularly interested in opportunities to advertise services in a range of media including digital video production, social media, member publications and promotion throughout member events. Please include a detailed description of the program/event target audience including audience size, demographics and percentage of the overall audience that is based in the commercial construction sector. 

3. Details of how the proposed program or event provides value for the Building & Construction Industry. This may include value for the broader industry or for a specific cohort, group, or sub-section of industry. 

4. Details on the value proposition for Incolink – i.e. How will Incolink benefit from involvement in the proposed program or event? 

5. Schedule of deadlines for delivery of funding, event, promotional materials, and confirmation of attendance.  

6. Successful applicants are expected to comply with any relevant legislation and insurance requirements, particularly in regard to employment practices, public liability and managing risk. Details of how this is managed are requested where relevant. 

7. Applications will be reviewed, and successful applicants notified on 30 June 2024.