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Worker Entitlements

We are committed to helping workers through the tough times. We've got your back. Your redundancy entitlements are there for you when you need them.

Transfer to Incolink

You can transfer to Incolink from ACIRT by filling out a “Benefit Transfer Request” form. Begin your transfer process today by visiting the link below.

Making a Claim

As a member, if you're made genuinely redundant, you can make a tax-free claim. If your employment ends for any other reason, you will still be eligible to claim at the applicable tax rate.

We make it easy for you to claim online using the Incolink App or WorkerLink portal.

You can make a claim via the Incolink App by installing the latest version from the App Store or Google Play Store. Then, login to your account and follow the prompts to claim.

You can also claim online by logging in to WorkerLink and follow the menu prompts to lodge your claim.

If you're having trouble registering for online access, send us a chat or call our customer support team on 1800 337 789

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For information on claim limits and tax rates visit our Help Centre

Incolink Member Card

Incolink member cards are your proof of membership. Your employer may need to see your Incolink member card when you start a new job.

Authorised representatives may also request your permission to check your card and scan the barcode to ensure your entitlements are up to date.

Up to date entitlements are important to make sure your funds are in your account and to make sure your insurance coverage stays active.

You can set up your Incolink member card using the Incolink App. It is quick, easy, secure and means you don't have to wait for a card in the mail.

The new Incolink member card has several new features to protect your security and privacy

  • Login to access your member card
  • Photo identification to make sure only you can use your member card
  • Time stamp to ensure the card is not a screen shot and hasn’t been tampered with
  • Contributions status show if your entitlements are up to date
  1. Login to the Incolink App and click “Create your Incolink member card”
  2. Upload an Australian driver's license or your passport.
  3. Take a live selfie. This creates the photo that will appear on your member card
  4. Your ID is verified against the selfie - then you’re all done!

Support for Apprentices

Apprentices are the future of the building and construction industry.

We support them with the same benefits applied to the rest of the workforce.

If an apprentice is made genuinely redundant, they can make a tax-free claim. If their employment ends for any other reason, they will still be eligible to claim at the applicable tax rate.

They also have access to all onsite services we deliver to the industry like on-site health checks.

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More information for apprentices is available via our Help Centre

Industry Liaison

Our Industry Liaison Officers are your on site advocates and can help you with questions about your entitlements. Liasion Officers also deliver toolboxes on site which explain the benefits and services that we offer to our members.

Contact your Industry Liaison Officer below:

Ben Manna

Damien Downes:

Other Forms

If you need any other forms, you can find them below.
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Incolink Help Centre

Use our online chat or visit our Help Centre to answer all of your Incolink Membership questions.

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Make a claim, check your history, update details, and make sure your contributions are up to date

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Manage your account

Incolink worker members can access their account 24/7 via WorkerLink – make a claim, account balance, active membership and more.

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