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Annual Report

Incolink's Annual Report shows how we are the safety net for workers in the building and construction industry

In everything we do, we have one eye on member needs today and one eye on the future.

Erik Locke, Incolink CEO

Our annual report outlines our financial position and our investment performance, in line with our investment strategy.

For workers facing redundancy, we always provide critical support, including through counselling, advice on accessing government support, and redundancy payments.

The report highlights the vital partnership and sponsorship arrangements we have with organisations, government bodies and service providers which assist us in delivering for our members.

Our investments create jobs for our members and help member businesses grow.

You can view our most recent Annual Reports below:

2023 Annual Report

Our FY23 Annual Report shows how we have supported our members through some pretty challenging times with entitlements and industry specific programs and services.

Our healthy 8.9 per cent return will allow us to continue to invest in programs into the future. Last financial year we paid out $140m in redundancy entitlements to more than 42,000 workers supporting them in a time of uncertainty.

2022 Annual Report

At Incolink, we’ve been the financial, health and wellbeing safety net for the construction industry for over 30 years.

We provided critical support for members affected by COVID-19 and industry shutdowns, including through counselling, advice on accessing government support, and the $2,000 renewable Incolink COVID-19 Payment for workers and apprentices stood down or required to self-isolate.