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As a New South Wales Incolink member you receive access to our insurance program, to support you when the unexpected happens.

Insurance Coverage

Insurances help to keep you protected both on and off the job, supporting you when the unexpected happens.

You can find a list of your insurances below.

Please ensure to check your policy and any exclusions that may apply.

When redundancy and insurance premiums are paid

Are you a New South Wales worker receiving Redundancy Contributions and Insurance Premiums from an Incolink Employer? If so, you will receive access to our Accident and Illness Benefits program, including:

  • Leisure Time Injury - Weekly Benefit
  • Broken bones
  • Capital benefits
  • Bill Payer
  • Pre-term Labour & Miscarriage Benefit
  • Leisure time Illness – Weekly Benefits
  • Workers Compensation Top-Up
  • Workplace Death & Capital Benefits

Insurance premium payments must be current at the time of injury or illness.

When redundancy contributions are paid

Employee members will also receive Discretionary Cover for Funerals if their redundancy contributions are up-to-date.

Incolink WIMS

Eligible* workers are also able to access Incolink's Work Injury Management Service (Incolink WIMS) – a specialised construction workers’ compensation injury management service for Incolink members. Incolink WIMS is provided by Total Claims Solutions. Find out more about WIMS here.

Find out more information about Incolink’s insurances by downloading the Insurance Brochure below:

Download the insurance brochure

All insurance enquiries can be made to Incolink’s dedicated case management team at Total Claims Solutions.

Total Claims Solutions is a leading specialist case management organisation that's been managing the Incolink Accident and Illness Benefits program for more than 25 years.

Total Claims Solutions

Level 1, 151 Rathdowne Street
Carlton, VIC 3053

Telephone: (03) 9663 2411

*The service is only available to employers and their injured workers when the applicable levy is paid by the employer.