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Doug's Journey

Join Doug on his journey as he gets his online gambling under control.

You can watch the previous Doug the Mug video here.

Doug was using too many betting apps, too often, and it was having negative effects on his life and finances.

He got his gambling under control and bought the ute he'd always wanted. Now, he's helping his mates to gamble responsibly.

Check out Doug’s journey so far below.

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Many of our apprentice members have told us they’re keen on a punt but are worried about how easy it is to lose control and run into trouble. Are you worried about your gambling? Incolink’s wellbeing and support services are available or you can call or visit Gambler’s Help anytime on 1800 858 858.

Help yourself

Discover tips, tools and programs to help you get control of your gambling

Self-help tools

A free online tool for anyone who wants to change their relationship with gambling.

A free and confidential app designed to help you understand why you gamble so you can cut back or quit gambling.

Find out how you can ban yourself from gaming venues or online gambling.

Incolink | Self Help Tools

Chat to someone

By working with professional support you’ll be twice as likely to successfully achieve your goals. Whether it be to quit or control your gambling. Free, professional, 24/7 and confidential support is close at hand. Click on the links below to access free professional support.

Support someone else

If you're concerned that someone you know has a gambling problem, it's best to say something to them, sooner rather than later.

For free, confidential support, call Incolink on 1300 000 129, or call Gambler’s Help at any time on 1800 858 858 or visit

This initiative is supported by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Doug

Take a look at some photos to see how Doug and his Ute was made.

Doug and the Mugs in the ute, with Julie standing nearby.

A close-up of Doug and the Mugs in the ute.