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How an Incolink on-site skin check changed Sam’s life

Posted on Oct 09, 2023

Two in three Australian’s will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime.

The risk for outdoor workers is up to 10 times higher than indoor workers.

Over the years we have run on-site skin checks for workers and more recently our SunSmart toolboxes in partnership with the Cancer Council Victoria.

Earlier this year we ran a toolbox at ICON’s Botanic project in South Melbourne to over 100 workers.

Sam's Story

At the end of the toolbox we met Sam who is a Peggy for ICON and he shared with us how four years ago an Incolink on-site skin check changed his life.

In 2019 Sam went to an Incolink on-site skin check ran in partnership with ICON.

Sam shared his story with us in his own words, you can hear it below:

After Sam’s diagnosis and throughout his recovery he was supported by both Incolink and ICON.

Sam’s story reminds us how important it is to protect yourself from UV exposure all year round.

It also highlights the importance of delivering health and wellbeing programs on-site where workers may not have access to them otherwise.

Speaking about the health programs that Incolink delivers to the industry Group HSE Manager at ICON Walter Caoduro said “ICON is proud to participate in all health programs that Incolink offers to industry, in particular the skin checks where early detection can help prevent skin cancer."

"Just 10 minutes of your time is all it takes to get the all-clear.”

Walter Caoduro, Group HSE Manager at ICON

We’re glad to see that Sam has made a full recovery and is now telling others about his experiences in the hopes that it will prevent others from going through what he did.

We’d like to thank Sam for sharing his story and ICON for continuing to support the health and safety of their workforce.

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