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Update to Staged Payments

Posted on July 29, 2021

Dear Incolink Members,

Please be advised of a change to the existing staged payments. The below changes are for Genuine Redundancy and ETP Claims.

Changes to Staged Payments

Old Claims

New Staged Payments Claim

Initial Claim of $8,000 or the balance of your account (whichever is lower).

Initial Claim of $8,000 or the balance of your account (whichever is lower).

Additional claims every 28 days of $8,000 or the balance of your account (whichever is lower).

Claim the full balance in your account, 28 days after your initial claim.*

Additional claims can continue every 28 days until the original funds in your account have been exhausted.

No additional claims are required.

*Those who have made an ETP Claim are only eligible for subsequent claims if they continue to be unemployed, 28 days after the initial claim has been made.

If you have recently made a claim, full balance claims will be available 28 days after your last claim, based on the eligibility outlined above.

Online Claims via WorkerLink and the Incolink App are set up for this new claim process and can be accessed from today.

All claims are taxed at the required rate depending on the reason your employment has come to an end, as declared by your employer.

For more information about claim types and taxation visit our Help Centre.

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