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Incolink Health Checks - Protecting the health of workers on-site

Posted on Aug 08, 2023

Heart disease and stroke make up 15% of all deaths in Australia annually.

Both diseases are preventable and risk factors can be detected through regular and routine health checks.

Bringing health programs to site helps to remove barriers while building a healthy and sustainable workforce. This winter we are running free 15-minute on-site health checks.

I had one particular fellow who didn’t want to do the Health Check… I talked him into it. The nurse came out and told him that he had to go to the doctor right away, because he had Type 2 Diabetes.


How it works

In a 15-minute appointment workers will talk confidentially to a trained health professional who will check blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, and other lifestyle factors including diet or activity levels.

They will then recommend any lifestyle changes and any referrals as required.

How to book

You can register your interest here: Heath checks can be booked between July and October 2023.

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