Onsite Services

Delivering Flu Vaccinations and Health Checks on site.

Visiting the doctor for a check-up is something many of us put off. Each year we deliver wellbeing programs designed to improve the health of our worker members.

Incolink's Flu clinics will take place from April to June, register your interest here to secure your preferred date.

What to expect

  • The process will take approximately 3 hours, including set-up/pack-up for 60 vaccinations.
  • The number of vaccinations is determined by the uptake via the booking link from our health provider.

Recommended set-up and space requirement:

  • A first aid room (or a small office) with a door that closes (for privacy)
  • A desk
  • Two chairs
  • Power supply for a laptop/tablet
  • A rubbish bin
  • Access to internet

This flu season, Incolink is providing voluntary flu vaccinations to construction workers onsite.

Protecting yourself and your mates from the flu is quick and easy.

Employers can register by completing the form on this page or emailing

Coming Soon

Incolink is currently developing physical health checks and education. They are currently planned for last half of 2023. If you are interested in participating, please use the web form or email