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Industry Grants

Investment to ensure a vibrant future for the Building & Construction Industry

Incolink’s first priority is to ensure that we have the funds to meet worker entitlement liabilities. As of February 2021, Incolink is 124 per cent funded (investment portfolio as a proportion of member balances).

It is only after there is sufficient funding reserves that the Incolink Board make decisions about investing in industry enriching initiatives.

Incolink is the largest investor in industry training in Victoria - we've committed $215m on training in the last decade.

In FY20, Incolink Industry Grants funded over 145 training courses, delivered by registered training organisations (RTOs), providing much needed skills training for 15,600 workers.

Industry grant funding categories include;

  • Industry Grants
  • Industry Skills Training
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training and Awareness

All Incolink grants are subject to strict principles and criteria allowing us to focus on quality grant projects that are cost effective and can provide measurable industry benefitting outcomes; and importantly managed within a proper governance framework.

Industry Grants

Industry Grants are offered to help fund projects and endeavours that deliver quality outcomes for our members and the broader industry.

Industry Skills Training

Industry Skills Training Grants exist to help ensure our industry maintains its position as one of the most skilled workforces in the country. Our grant funding recipients operate world class training centres and are RTO's. These include;

  • Plumbing Joint Training Fund (Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre);
  • MBAV (The Master Builders Association of Victoria); and
  • CFMEU (CFMEU Education & Training Unit)

Skills Training Delivered FY20

Types of Courses6140431145
No. of Learners3,0374,3678,1941815,616

Occupational Health & Safety Training and Awareness

In addition to our own investment, Incolink has been successful in securing much needed State Government funding for OHS Training & Awareness as part of the Construction Industry Safety Initiative.

The Health, Wellbeing and Safety of workers in the Building and Construction industry in Victoria is of paramount importance and a priority for both the Victorian Government and Incolink.


To make an Industry Grants application, download and complete our Industry Grants Application form below.

Completed application forms can be submitted by email to Incolink's Industry Grants & Privacy Officer