Incolink provides an extensive list of insurance options for your workforce. Our Worker Injury Management Service helps you navigate worker compensation and get your staff back to work sooner.

Insurance Products

Insurance products and related services include

  • Leisure Time Accident Insurance (Victoria)
  • Income Protection & Trauma (IPT) Insurance
  • Tasmania Leisure Time Accident Insurance
  • Tasmania Illness Insurance
  • Portable Sick Leave Insurance (PSLi)
  • Office Base Workers Insurance
  • Incolink Membership Health Insurance Benefits – BUPA
  • Worker Injury Management Service (WIMS).

All insurance inquiries can be made to Incolink’s insurance provider Total Claims Solutions.

Total Claims Solutions are a leading specialist case management organisation that's been managing the Incolink Accident and Illness Benefits program for more than 19 years.

Total Claims Solutions
Level 1, 151 Rathdowne Street
Telephone: (03) 9663 2411

Work injury management

Work Injury Management Service (WIMS) is automatically available to employers and injured workers who are part of the Incolink IPT program at no extra cost.

The program run by Total Claims Solutions’ offers fully trained and highly experienced Injury Management Coordinators to support the injured worker and employer through the entire Workers' Compensation process.

  • Offers immediate access to experienced Injury Management Coordinators.
  • Reduces downtime and increases productivity.
  • Ensures appropriate policies and procedures are in place.
  • Effectively manages all requirements through a WorkCover liaison person.
  • Encourages a positive workplace culture.
  • Payments must be current for workers when a workplace injury occurs.

For more benefits, download the brochure below.

What if you’re an Incolink Employer Member but are not a part of the IPT program?

Total Claims Solutions offer Incolink employer members that are not participating in the IPT program special, reduced, fees for this service.

Work Injury Hotline - 1800 238 026

Employers and injured workers can call the hotline, Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 4.30pm. All inquiries can remain anonymous.

Office-based workers insurance

Incolink offers employer members the opportunity to cover their office-based staff with the Accident and Illness Benefits Insurance Program. This applies to all workers who are at least 50% office-based.

This brochure is to assist employers and office-based workers in understanding the benefits that apply under the various insurance covers administered by Incolink and the circumstances under which these benefits may be claimed.