We at Incolink, are the people trusted by construction workers for 30 years to look after the health, wellbeing and entitlements of our members. Our latest initiative is Bluehats, a new suicide awareness and prevention program to provide support to construction workers in Victoria.

We know mental health and suicide is a huge issue in our communities and in our industry, unfortunately too many of us know someone who has been impacted by suicide. This is a tough industry and sometimes we can find things getting really tough. That is why Bluehats has been co-designed with the construction industry to help when you’re down or just need someone to talk to.

As the program grows, you'll start to see workers or colleagues throughout the construction industry in Victoria wearing a blue hard hat. These Blue Hats represent members of our industry who have been trained by Incolink to help. If you're struggling with life or just need someone to talk to, Blue Hats is there for workers. When things seem at their worst, the first step can be to talk about your worries with someone you can trust – sooner rather than later.

So keep an eye out for the Blue Hats on your site. And let’s talk.

Remember Incolink’s counselling service is also available 24/7 to you and your family, simply call 1300 000 129. You can talk to us.

If you're an Incolink Employer Member and interested in accessing Bluehats training for your work site, please fill out the form below. This form can also be used to access other Incolink Wellbeing & Support services such as our Health Checks and Skin Checks programs.