Notice to Incolink Employer Members - October Rate Changes

Posted on Oct 01, 2021

Changes to worker entitlement contributions come into effect as of the October 2021 invoice period.

This notice is a reminder to check your industrial instrument (Industry Award, Enterprise Agreement or Enterprise Bargaining Agreement).

Where applicable, your October 2021 invoice will be adjusted to reflect the rates outlined in your industrial instrument/s that you have provided to Incolink. Provisional invoices for this period will be generated from 25 October 2021.

Any scheduled changes to worker entitlements will be in reference to Redundancy contributions and/or Income Protection and Trauma (IPT) premiums. Currently, there are no changes to any other contributions or levies. Please refer to your relevant industrial instrument/s for more specific details regarding these rates.

For details regarding current default rates, you can visit our Help Centre.

Note: If your EBA has renewed, and you are yet to notify us, please forward a copy of your renewed EBA to

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