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Incolink is Australia's oldest and largest worker entitlement fund for the building and construction industry. With our Hobart office and local field officers, Incolink is Tasmania's safety net.


Incolink Tasmania members get a better redundancy rate and faster claims compared with other funds. Money in your Incolink account is your entitlement. We won't reduce the value of your account - even in an economic downturn.

The Incolink Redundancy Account gives all worker members the opportunity to claim tax-free if made genuinely redundant. If you’re employment ends for any other reason, you will still be eligible to claim at the applicable tax rate.

With the Incolink Redundancy Account, there's no longer a need to choose between two accounts.

Minimum $30 a week in your account$25 a week in your account
Easy online claims with the Incolink AppPaper based claims
Claims processed within 1 business dayClaims processed within 3 business days
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For more information about the Incolink Redundancy Account or how to claim, visit our Worker Entitlements page or Help Centre.


Incolink is the Tassie construction industry's safety net. We offer insurance coverage better than any other redundancy fund.

Accident insurance if you are injured away from workNo cover
Accidental dental cover for you and your familyNo cover
Funeral cover – no proof of financial hardship requiredFuneral cover – proof of financial hardship required
Bill Payer - on top of your weekly benefitNo bill payer
Insurance covers you up to 9 months after you become unemployed

For more information about Incolink Tasmanian insurances, view our insurances brochures below.


Incolink Counsellors are available to members and their families on 1300 000 129. They provide telephone counselling and face to face sessions for those in need.

Incolink wellbeing and support services are just one of the benefits of being an Incolink member compared to other funds. Our wellbeing services also brought COVID-19 testing to Tasmania.

Face to face counselling for you and your familyNo support services
Telephone counselling on 1300 000 129No support services
Claims processed within 1 business dayOffice based in NSW
Field officers on siteNo Tasmanian based staff
Support provided from your local CFMEU representatives

Contact Incolink

Get in touch with our local Tassie team today.

General enquiries: 0419 376 362

Freecall: 1800 337 789

Counselling: 1300 000 129

Office: 80 Federal St, North Hobart, TAS, 7000 Mon - Thu, 8am - 4pm