Incolink COVID-19 Vaccination Pilot

Let’s get on with the jab

As the safety net for construction, we've been working hard to stand up a pilot on-site COVID-19 Vaccination program – making it easier for construction workers to get on with the jab!

Where is the vaccine pilot taking place?

The program is delivered on a site-by-site basis and available to all workers on a given site. Our health and wellbeing projects team work with sites to schedule first and second dose visits. We're working closely with tier 1 contractors to deliver the project to larger commercial construction sites to prioritise maximum coverage.

How does on site delivery work?

Once a site is scheduled in for delivery, the Incolink program delivery team will come on site to provide a site wide toolbox talk. This includes vaccine education, information on what vaccine is available and information on how to book. Our mobile clinic, the Incolink Bus will then come to your site equipped with nurses and GPs to help deliver the service.

Incolink's vaccination program is delivered with our clinical partners, Australian Prostate Centre (APC) to ensure the required clinical governance frameworks are in place.

Get in touch

For more information about the program and for which sites we are delivering to, contact our Industry Engagement Team on or call 0439 361 010.

Program Support

Incolink's on site COVID-19 Vaccination program would not be possible without the proud sponsorship of Protect and CoINVEST.