Incolink COVID-19 Payments

Posted on Mar 31, 2021

What is the Incolink COVID-19 payment?

At the height of the pandemic in Victoria, a new Incolink claim type, COVID-19 Payments supported our members whilst stood down due to industry and community health restrictions.

Incolink COVID-19 Payments are available based on individual circumstances (such as an individual caught in state-based border restrictions and is therefore unable to work). To find out if you are eligible and for more information about Incolink COVID-19 Payments, contact our customer support team on (03) 9639 3000.

What has changed about the Incolink COVID-19 Payment in March 2021?

Given no community transmission of the virus in Victoria, Incolink COVID-19 Claims are no longer necessary.

Incolink are conscious that the COVID-19 situation in Victoria and Australia is ever changing. We are committed to reinstating online Incolink COVID-19 Claims should we see a change in industry restrictions.

If you are impacted by a COVID-19 lockdown or Government directive, contact the Incolink customer support team on (03) 9639 3000 to discuss options available based on your circumstances.

Why have you introduced the Incolink COVID-19 payment?

Incolink is your safety net and we realise these are still uncertain times. We introduced the Incolink COVID-19 payment so that members could access some of their funds from their account while they were employed but stood down or unable to work due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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