Support during Victoria's 5 day Lockdown

Posted on Feb 12, 2021

Earlier today, the Victorian Premier announced Stage 4 restrictions for all of Victoria commencing at 11.59pm tonight 12 February 2021 until 11.59pm Wednesday 17 February 2021.You can find the full announcement from the Victorian Government here.

This unfortunately means that many sectors in the building and construction industry will not be permitted to operate during the 5 day lock down period.

Incolink is here for you during this difficult time.

Support is available

As your safety net we know that this level of uncertainty may be causing distress and we want you to know we’re here for you.

You and your family can contact our counselling service on1300 000 129. Find out more information about this service on our website.

Incolink is here for you, and your family when you need it.

Incolink COVID-19 Payments

Worker members can have confidence that if your site closes or you need to isolate due to COVID-19, the Incolink COVID-19 payment available.

This assists in keeping workers connected to their employer in the event of a site closure.

Eligible Incolink worker members will be able to access Incolink COVID-19 Payments from their account of $2,000 or the balance of your account (whichever amount is lower). COVID-19 payments are taxed at the applicable tax rate.

Eligible workers can continue accessing Incolink COVID-19 Payments every 28 days after the initial payment is made as long as you continue to meet the eligibility criteria and funds remain in your Incolink account.

Visit our Help Center for all the details and the eligibility criteria.

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