Alcohol and other drug use is a serious and complex problem.  It contributes to a wide range of harms that affect the individual, the workplace and the community.

“The split between my wife and I affected me more than I wanted to admit.  I started drinking much more than I should have been.  Having an objective ear really helped.”

John - Formwork Carpenter

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Support Program is designed for workers in the building and construction industry.  We support a harm minimisation approach that believes in recovery and focuses on person centered, holistic treatment.

The Alcohol and Drug Workers can visit work sites or homes to offer assistance with any drug and alcohol related issues. 

Our services include: 

  • Free and confidential counselling to Incolink members and their families who may be experiencing substance related issues.
  • Assistance navigating the community treatment system to enter detox or rehab services.
  • Information and support for employers and union officials regarding any workplace alcohol or other drug related issues.
  • A state wide response to members in regional areas.
  • Assistance on developing and implementing building and construction specific workplace drug and alcohol policy.

Call the Incolink Alcohol & Drug Support Workers on 1300 000 129