Australia 108, a 101 level building which, when completed, will be the southern hemisphere’s tallest apartment tower.

The size and importance of the building and construction industry in Victoria should not be underestimated, but a survey of Ministerial portfolios might suggest otherwise.

The standard of training provided by the CFMEU Education and Training Unit and the safety standards and compliance demanded by our officials makes the Australian construction industry one of the highest performing in the world.

Why Master Plumbers is sending apprentices to Denmark on an International Internship for the second year running.

Initial Claims made easy with WorkerLink

Incolink is the industry redundancy fund that offers a financial and personal safety net for workers. Incolink also invests in the future of the industry by supporting your apprentices.

The best of the industry were recognised for their achievements at the Plumbing and Fire Industry Awards, a gala event held on the Melbourne Convention Centre on 15 October 2016.

In the beginning of the year demand for workers and apprentices in building and construction grows as projects are starting. If you are looking for work did you know that Incolink has a Job Support team offering services that may help you?

Victoria’s 30-year draft plan for infrastructure released in October identified a range of important projects as priorities.

Paying good money for bad training - It is a warning to all potential students and trainees - never complete and sign an enrolment form without scrutinising what is on offer.